Navigating the Content Library

The Content Library consists of videos and documents across 20+ languages, and it's constantly growing. You can access these assets on the Content Library tab on the My ACP Decisions platform. This article will provide an overview of the key features found on the Content Library tab.

Finding the Content Library

Once you have signed in to the My ACP Decisions platform, you can navigate to the Content Library tab at any time using the link at the top-center of any webpage.

Administrators can highlight up to 5 content collections for Clinicians. This content is shown in the "Content Just for Me" tab.

Administrators, are you interested in learning how to feature content for clinicians? Check out Featuring Content for Clinicians.

Highlights: New Content

All new content added within the last 30 days will be featured in this area.


In the Content Just for Me section you will see that your account administrator(s) have recommended that you use.    

Category Topics

For your convenience, we have organized content into several different categories. These categories can all be found beneath the Featured area on the left-hand side of the page. To see the full list, scroll down the page.

Topics may change over time as our content library continues to evolve.

Search Bar

Use the search bar to search for key items across the entire Content Library. Use the "Clear Search" button to clear out search term(s).

Language Selector

To see content in a specific language, use the language dropdown to filter the Content Library according to your language selection. Note how the areas on the left-hand side will also update to reflect where we do and do not have content available in the language you've selected.

Playing a Video

If you would like to watch a video or view a handout with your patient from within the My ACP Decisions platform, please read more on Playing Video Content for Patients (In Person).

Prescribing Content

If you would like for your patient to access resources from the Content Library at their own convenience, please read more on Sharing Content with Patients: Creating, Editing, and Sharing Codes.