Featuring Content for Clinicians

What is Featured Content?

Administrators can highlight or feature content for specific clinician users in an area called "Content Just for Me" on the Content Library page. Up to 5 videos or documents can be featured per clinician user.

How do I feature specific content for my clinicians?

  1. Choose Users from the main menu.
  2. Under Actions, click the heart icon next to the user you would like to feature content for. (Note: the clipboard icon on the right can be used to show or hide content from clinician users.)

  3. Click the Add Content button next to any content you would like to feature.

  4. Click Save Changes to complete the process.
  5. A banner will pop up with the message "Featured content updated".
  6. This clinician user(s) will now see an area called Content Just for Me on the Content Library page that shows the content you have selected.