Sharing Content with Patients: Creating, Editing, and Sharing Orders

Note: This article is intended for Clinician Users.

An order represents a selection of resources from our Content Library that a clinician prescribes for a specific patient's use. The output of an order includes a patient code, which patients use to access their resources.


Creating an Order

  1. Visit and sign in with your username and password.
  2. Locate the content you want to share.
  3. Choose Rx for each content piece you want to share.After clicking Rx, the button will change colors, from green to red, and will say Prescribed.
  4. Click the Complete Order button to be taken to the Order Confirmation page.
  5. You have successfully created an order and a patient code!

Using the QR Code

Patients and clinicians can use the QR Code on their mobile devices.

1. Open the Camera app in your mobile device.

2. Select the rear (not front) facing camera and hold your device so that you can see the QR code and then tap on the notification that comes up to open the link for the QR code.

Remember, if you make changes to the Order associated with the QR code you will need to re-print/re-send an updated Order in order to capture these changes.

Editing an Order

Clinicians have the ability to edit any order at any time.

1. In the platform, navigate to the Orders tab.

2. Select the order you would like to edit by clicking on its order number.

3. The order details will appear on the right-hand of your screen. Select "Edit Order".

4. You will be taken to the Content Library where you can add or remove content.

5. Once you are satisfied with your order, select "Update Order."

6. You will return to the Orders tab with the following confirmation: "Your order has been successfully updated!"

To Add Content

1. Use the "Rx" button to select a new content piece to add to your order.

To Remove Content

Option #1: From Your Order

1. Select the red X beside the content piece you would like to remove from your order. The content will be removed from your oder. Click 'Update Order' to save your changes.

2. You will be taken back to the order page, where the content you removed will be greyed out and the eye icon will have a slash through it.


Option #2: From the Content Library

1. Select the "Prescribed" button beside the content piece you would like to remove from your order.

2. The button will change back to "Rx". This indicates that the item has been removed.

Options for Sharing Codes

Codes can be shared with patients in several ways. From the Order Confirmation page, you have the following options:

Remember, if you want to use the code while the patient is with you, you will need to sign out of your clinician account or use a private browsing session or different browser.

Option #1: Share the Code As Is

1. Share the 4-alphanumeric code as is with your patient

2. Your patient can enter their code on and click Get Started

3. Your patient will be taken to the standard agreement screen. If they click I Agree and Understand, this will allow them to access their resources. 

This is the same agreement screen all users see before viewing any resource in the Content Library.

Option #2: Copy Link

1. Click Copy Link to copy a special link onto your clipboard that has your patient's code embedded into it. That means when your patient uses this link, they won't have to enter their code at all - instead they'll be taken straight to the agreement screen. Hover over the Copy Link button to see a useful reminder.

2. Share this special link with your patients. Feel free to paste this link straight into an EHR, email, or SMS

3. Your patient will be taken to the standard agreement screen. If they click  I Agree and Understand, this will allow them to access their resources. 

Option #3: Copy Patient Instructions

1. Click Copy Patient Instructions to copy instructions to your clipboard for your patient on how to access their content.  These instructions will include the patient code. Hover over the Copy Patient Instructions button to see a useful reminder. 

2. Share these Patient Instructions by pasting them straight into an EHR, email, or SMS

Option #4: Print Directions 

1. Click the  Print Directions button

2. A new tab will open with Patient Instructions in a printer-friendly format.  Print this screen (or save it as a PDF) to share these directions. 

Please visit Sharing Patient Codes via Email on iOS Devices.