Playing ACP Decisions Videos Using Zoom Screen Share (Mobile Devices)

During Zoom calls, ACP Decisions videos can be played for patients. The best way to accomplish this is by doing a Zoom screen share and playing downloaded videos from your mobile device (e.g. iPad, Android tablet, or smartphone).


Please download the following onto your mobile device.

  1. Zoom app (iOS or Android)
  2. ACP Tools app (iOS or Android)
  3. ACP Decisions video content that you want to share with patients*

*Why should I download video content? Can't I just stream it? 

Playing videos that have already been downloaded to your mobile device uses less internet bandwidth. By playing downloaded videos, you can help provide a higher quality video watching experience for you and your patients. 

For instructions on how to download content, please visit our iOS and Android support articles.

Additional Tips to Ensure the Optimal Screen Share Experience

When you share your screen on Zoom, your entire screen becomes visible to everyone on the Zoom meeting. The following tips can help limit distractions so that your patient and you can focus on viewing the ACP Decisions video content:

  • Enable "Do Not Disturb" mode to hide notifications (iOS or Android)
  • Hide or close any apps on your device that you do not need for your Zoom meeting (iOS or Android)
  • Sign into the ACP Tools App before you begin your Zoom meeting

Part 1: Start the Zoom Screen Share

1. Open the Zoom app

2. Join the Zoom meeting you have set up with your patient

3. When you are ready to share your screen, tap the "Share Content" icon in the top right hand corner of the Zoom app

4. From the dropdown menu, select "Screen"

5. A message will appear reminding you that everything on your screen will be visible to the other people in your Zoom meeting. Tap "Start Broadcast" to begin sharing your screen

6. Once the screen share has started, your screen will appear as below. Tap anywhere to leave the "Screen Broadcast" menu

While you are sharing your screen on Zoom, you will see a red screen share indicator in the top right hand corner of your mobile device. When you stop sharing, this icon will disappear.

Part 2: Play ACP Decisions Videos

With your Zoom screen share still on...

1. Open the ACP Tools app

2. To access your downloaded videos, tap on the Downloads tab in the bottom right hand of the ACP Tools app

3. On the Downloads tab, tap on the video you want to play for your patient

4. A Legal Agreement will appear; please read this aloud to the patient. According to the patient's preference, tap either "I Agree and Understand" (next, move on to step 11) or "I Do Not Understand" (next, address any questions or concerns your patient has before moving forward)

5. The video will automatically begin to play

Are you experiencing difficulty hearing your video on your iOS device? Please review these troubleshooting tips.

6. Once the video has ended, click "I'm Done" to be taken back to the Downloads tab or "Watch Again" to replay the video

Part 3: Stop the Zoom Screen Share

You have 2 options to stop sharing your screen on Zoom.

Note: Stopping the screen share will not end your Zoom meeting.

Option 1: Using the Zoom app

1. Reopen the Zoom app

2. Tap on the "Stop Share" icon to stop sharing your screen.

Once you have stopped sharing your screen, the "Stop Share" icon will be replaced by the "Share Content" icon

Option 2: Using the red screen share indicator

1. In the top right hand of your screen, tap on the red screen share indicator

2. A message will appear. Select "Stop" to stop sharing your screen