Tips for Offline Use and Downloading Content (Android)

Before We Get Started

If you intend to use the ACP Tools App on Android without an internet connection, please familiarize yourself with the following content.

Looking for information on the iOS app? Click here.

Understanding Offline Analytics

How do I make sure video utilization information is captured while offline?

Any downloaded content that has been watched without an internet connection will have its video utilization analytics saved locally within the ACP Tools App. Once your device has reconnected to the internet, these analytics will be transmitted to the ACP Decisions platform.

Exiting the app and re-opening it again will force a resubmission of utilization as long as there is a valid internet connection.

Turning AirPlane mode on and off also forces the app to resubmit any utilization data. 

How can I quickly download videos or guides on Android devices?

You can quickly download any video or document by tapping the cloud icon. You'll then see a progress indicator.

How do I track the progress of a download?

Android devices have a download manager provided by the operating system. When downloading a video, you can see the progress of the download and other downloads by swiping down on the Android notification center.

Depending on your device, your screen may look different than what is pictured below.

Download progress pictured on Samsung Notification Center

How do I play a video that has been downloaded if I don't have internet access? 

Tapping the download icon will show you all content that has been downloaded on your device.

Download Tab Selected

Tapping any video in the list will play the downloaded file.

Downloads pictured on Google Pixel C

What happens if I lose my internet connection while using the app?

The app will only show the downloads tab if your WiFi or cellular connection were to go offline.

Downloads pictured on Galaxy Tab A7 Lite