Difficulty Hearing a Video on your iOS Device

Troubleshooting Tips: Difficulty Hearing a Video on your iOS Device

Are you having problems hearing an ACP Decisions video on your iOS device? We are here to help. Here is a quick list of frequently asked questions.

Is Your Mute Button On?

The mute function is controlled by Control Center in your iOS device.  To see if your device is on mute, swipe up from the bottom to bring up Control Center.  Control Center controls multiple functions, including Mute.  If you see a slash through the Mute icon in red, your device is muted. Tap on the Mute icon to restore volume.

Have You Adjusted the Volume While Playing a Video?

When a video is playing, you can tap on the screen to show controls. On iPads, drag the slider on the bottom left of the screen to adjust the volume. If you prefer, you can also use the physical switches on your iPhone or iPad to control the volume as well.

Is Your iPad Up-To-Date?

You might have an old version of iOS or the ACP Tools app installed. While this shouldn't necessarily cause volume issues, it's best to keep your iPad updated to reduce the likelihood of potential problems caused by old software.

Can You Change the Position of the iPad?

Sometimes increasing your iPad's volume can be achieved by positioning the device differently.  Propping the iPad in a manner so that the speakers face upward can help with volume issues.  Also, placing your device on a conducive surface like wood or metal can help improve the acoustics.

Have You Tweaked the Sound Options in Settings? 

You might also be able to increase the volume output from your iPad by adjusting its volume settings.

Are You Playing Sound Externally (Bluetooth or Airplay)?

iOS Devices support audio playback via Bluetooth and WiFi. If you are paired with another device, the audio will play through that source and not the iPhone or iPad's speakers. You may have to either disconnect from that device or adjust the volume using the controls of that device. For help turning AirPlay on and off, please reference these tips from Apple support.

Note the AirPlay icon below.