Tips for Offline Use and Downloading Content (iOS)

Before We Get Started

If you intend to use the ACP Tools App on iOS without an internet connection, please familiarize yourself with the following content.

Looking for information on the Android app? Click here.

Understanding Offline Analytics

How do I make sure video utilization information is captured while offline?

Any downloaded content that has been watched without an internet connection will have its video utilization analytics saved locally within the ACP Tools App. Once your device has reconnected to the internet, these analytics will be transmitted to the ACP Decisions platform.

Exiting the app and re-opening it again will force a resubmission of utilization as long as there is a valid internet connection.

Turning AirPlane mode on and off also forces the app to resubmit any utilization data. 

Downloading Content

1. Select ACP Tools on your iOS device by tapping on the ACP Tools icon.

2. The Welcome to ACP Decisions screen showing featured will appear. You can choose a category of interest (e.g. CPR) by tapping on the image associated with that category. If you do not see the screen pictured below, you will need to sign in first by tapping the Provider Sign In button and entering your credentials. Select the Browse Library button or tap the Library tab at the bottom to see the full content library.

3. Once you have selected a category of interest, content within that category will be shown. In the image below, CPR: General Overview, CPR: Advanced Cancer, CPR: Heart Failure, and CPR: Advanced Disease are shown because they are part of the CPR category. Selecting one of these options will show the list of available languages for each.

For this example, we chose CPR: Advanced Disease.

4. From the list of available language options, you can download any video or document by tapping the cloud icon. You'll then see a progress indicator as soon as the download begins.

5. Once downloaded, an icon with a checkmark will appear indicating the file is now on your device!

Accessing Your Downloads Offline

Note the Downloads tab at the bottom of your screen.  If you are offline, this tab will be the only enabled feature. 

All downloaded files are collected in one place.  By clicking on Downloads, you will see all of your downloaded content on a single consolidated screen.

Tap on any item play the video or open the document. Note that even if you do reconnect to wifi or cellular service, the app will always prefer the downloaded file versus the streaming version.

Removing Downloaded Content

Swipe left on any item on the Downloads screen to remove the file.

Logging Back In to Capture Video Utilization

The ACP Tools app will not be able to capture video utilization associated with downloaded video content if you remain offline.  That's why it is important to exit the ACP Tools App and then login back again at this screen.