IT Checklist for Setting Up My ACP Decisions

This article will help IT teams get up and running with the My ACP Decisions technology platform.


The My ACP Decisions platform is made up of 4 components:

  • Web App - The web application is located at This web portal provides administrators access to reporting and invites clinicians to use the platform. The system also provides a quick way for clinicians to choose videos to share with patients. When content is ordered by a clinician, a code with directions is created that can be shared with a patient.
  • iOS App - This mobile application is available for iOS devices. It is designed for clinicians and provides offline usage of videos.
  • Android App - This mobile application is available for Android devices. It is designed for clinicians and provides offline usage of videos.
  • API Service - The web and mobile apps depend on the availability of the My ACP Decisions API. This backend service provides the core functionality like user authentication, content, ordering, and analytics.

Setup Checklist

To ensure that the My ACP Decisions platform works at your organization, you will need to do the following:

  1. Familiarize Yourself with Our Terminology
    1. My ACP Decisions does not collect or work with PHI. 
    2. We offer shared accounts for clinicians depending on workflow. 
  2. Review Our Minimum System Requirements.
    1. Please pay careful attention to video streaming requirements. Having a network that can support HD video is vital to a successful implementation for both the web and mobile apps.
    2. Historically, most issues our customers encounter relate to incompatible web browsers. Please make sure a modern browser is used to access the My ACP Decisions platform.
  3. Whitelist the URLs Required for My ACP Decisions to function properly on your network(s).
  4. Check out the Web App via a trial access account.  Please contact us at if you need a diagnostic account to test the system ahead of your project.
  5. Install and ACP Tools App for iOS or Android. 
    1. We designed the mobile apps to take the load off hospital networks when streaming HD videos. 
    2. For mobile devices, we recommend deploying the ACP Tools App using a Device Managment Service (MDM). This ensures the devices can be managed consistently and securely.
  6. Establish Your Internal Support Channels Specific to My ACP Decisions
    1. When users are signed into the front end web applications, they will be able to contact our team for feedback or questions via the "Get Help" option under Profile at the top left of the screen.
    2. We have found that most issues involve services being blocked on the network or incompatible browsers. Making sure that steps #2 and #3 outlined above will lessen the burden on our helpdesk and yours.