Whitelisting Information for My ACP Decisions


It is common practice for healthcare organizations to block unauthorized services and applications by default. Your technology/security team may not allow some or all of the services that the My ACP Decisions technology platform requires to function properly. This article provides URLs required by our system with a brief overview of their purpose and function. If your technology/security team has any specific questions or concerns, please have them reach out to us directly at  support@acpdecisions.org.

What service(s) need to be whitelisted?

The following URLs must be available for My ACP Decisions technology platform to work properly. If one or more of these services are unavailable, access will be interrupted or completely blocked.   Your technology/security team may need to configure appropriate network rules to allow incoming and outgoing traffic from the following:

URL/IP Address to Whitelist Purpose
*.acpdecisions.org & *.acpdecisions.com
Traffic coming from all acpdecisions. org and acpdecisions.com subdomains should not be blocked. Our company domain provides access to the web application, API services, and other essential systems information. Additionally, system emails are sent from the domain @acpdecisions.org which should be marked valid otherwise these emails may be filtered to spam.


This is a purposeful redirect to the secure https://my.acpdecisions.org. Many users will type this instead of the subdomain by accident. Our system will automatically redirect the user to the secure HTTPS version of our system.
This is a purposeful redirect to the area My ACP Decisions system for patients. It simplifies the experience by offering a shortened and more memorable URL.
Traffic coming from this domain is from our underlying video player technology, Wistia. For more information on Wistia, please visit  https://wistia.com/support/getting-started/faq.
This is an additional forwarding domain for Wistia's CDN.
fast.wistia.net  This is an additional forwarding domain for Wistia's CDN.
This is an additional forwarding domain for Wistia's CDN.
This is the base URL for our patient survey functionality.
This CDN is used by our survey and videos system.
This is our dedicated IP that should be whitelisted by your IT administrator.