Searching for Previous Orders and Codes

How do I determine if my patients have viewed the content I have previously shared?

When prescribing content, an order is created. Each order provides a code the patient can enter to view their content. We track each video viewing and update the utilization status of the order. There are 3 statuses -- their definitions are:

  • Unwatched - No videos have been viewed.
  • Started - Attempts have been made to watch videos, but at least one video has not been viewed beyond 80% completion.
  • Complete - All the videos have been watched beyond 80% completion.

How do I filter Order History by Status?

  1. Choose Orders from the main menu.
  2. Select a status (All, Unwatched, Started, or Complete) from the filter at the top of the order history.
  3. The list of orders will refresh to show only orders that match your selected status. For example, only the Complete orders are shown in the screenshot.

How do I search for a previous order?

  1. Choose Orders from the main menu.
  2. Enter the code or order number you would like to search for.

    This search will look for partial and complete matches. For example, entering "ABC" will find all codes that contain “ABC" while entering "360" would find any order numbers that contain "360." 

  3. Select the Order Number to view the details of that order.