ACP Decisions Quick Start Overview

This article provides an overview of ACP Decisions Quick Start as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

What is ACP Decisions Quick Start?

ACP Decisions Quick Start (Quick Start) is a method by which to share content with customers. ACP Decisions provides pre-made codes that are accessible via simple links such as  ACP Decisions Quick Start was inspired by the desire to make it as easy as possible to share information with your patients.

The major benefits of this approach are:

  • Clinicians do not need to access the My ACP Decisions platform to view or share content; and
  • The same links can be shared with multiple patients and clinicians

How do I use ACP Decisions Quick Start?

Getting Codes

ACP Decisions will create and distribute one code for each video collection you need. For example, a pre-made code can provide access to "Feeding Tubes in English" video and handout. 

Each code will come with a Patient Instructions PDF. Here's an example:

How to Use Codes

A code can be accessed in 3 ways:

1)  Click any blue text in the Patient Instructions: If the PDF is shared electronically, the content can be accessed by simply clicking the blue text in the PDF (links directly to the content); 

2)  Go to Follow the instructions on the PDF by going to on a browser and entering the code; OR

3)  Copy and paste a link in a browser: simply add the code to the end of For example, if the code is "ABCD", your unique link is

How to Share Codes

PDFs and links can be shared in: 1) emails; 2) EHR notes; and 3) physical handouts. Patients and clinicians can both use this feature inside or outside the clinic with an internet accessible device.

How can I track views for content shared through ACP Decisions Quick Start?

The same as you would anything else! Check out the Reporting tab of the My ACP Decisions platform. These views will appear as "Completed by Other".

How is ACP Decisions Quick Start different from the My ACP Decisions platform?

The My ACP Decisions platform allows clinicians to view content with their patients directly through the platform; and prescribe content for patients to access later from the comfort of their homes. Clinicians select the content they want to share, create patient orders, and then share those orders with their patients.

My ACP Decisions Quick Start makes this process easier by providing pre-made patient codes upfront that are accessible via simple links (e.g. These codes can either be used as part of clinical care or shared with patients so they can watch videos at home. One code can be shared with as many patients as necessary.

Can I still use the My ACP Decisions platform?

Absolutely! ACP Decisions Quick Start is complementary to the My ACP Decisions platform. 

By taking the work of creating codes off of your clinical team, the ACP Decisions Quick Start approach empowers clinicians to focus more on their patients.

In addition to ACP Decisions Quick Start, the My ACP Decisions platform can still be used to create and share custom codes via handouts, emails, or sharing the code as is.

I want to use the ACP Decisions Quick Start approach at my organization. How can I get started?

If you are interested in using the ACP Decisions Quick Start approach, contact us today! If you have particular videos or handouts in mind that you'd like to get access to ASAP, please let us know as well.