May 2018: Release Notes

Happy June!

Hoping that you are having a great start to the month. Here is what we launched in May.

We released 2 new videos about Choosing a Health Care Agent and added an Arabic guide to CPR this month!

New Content

Choosing a Health Care Agent in English

Information about choosing a health care agent for a general audience.

Choosing a Health Care Agent Before Surgery in English

Highlighting the importance of choosing a health care agent before a surgical procedure for a general audience.

A Guide to CPR in Arabic

A short guide for patients and families about CPR.

Updates to My ACP Decisions

New Features and Refinements

When downloading the raw data on the reporting screen, partial viewings (<80%) are now included in the spreadsheet.
You will now be automatically scrolled to the top of the screen when clicking play.
Our support ticket system has been improved to include additional information like your username and the most recently viewed screen automatically. This has helped us address feedback and issues quickly and provide better support!

We fixed or improved the following:

  • An issue where PDFs' utilization status (Opened vs. Not Opened) may not have displayed correctly on orders.
  • An issue where the message "No content available" would appear at the bottom of the screen even when content was present.
  • An issue where the language switcher did not reflect the patient's language.
  • An issue with Internet Explorer 11 that caused Javascript Errors on sensitive firewalls.