Minimum System Requirements for ACP Tools


This article provides the minimum system requirements for using the ACP Tools App for iOS and Android devices. Please consult with your organization's technology/security department about your use of organizational devices. 

iOS & Android Application Support

  • The following requirements must be met before installing and using ACP Tools on your iOS or Android device.

    iOS Minimum System Requirements

    • iOS 15.0 and above is supported 
    • iOS 16.0 is recommended for the best experience 
    • iPhone and iPad are supported

    Android Minimum System Requirements

    • Android 12.0 and above* is supported
    • Use the latest version of Android for the best experience
    • 7-inch screens and greater are supported
    • Phone device support is not guaranteed and may have formatting issues

    *Depending on your device, your experience may vary. We recommend sticking to name brands (e.g. Samsung, Google, ASUS, Acer) since these vendors support key features for captions and accessibility relatively consistently.

    Network and Bandwidth Considerations

    What are the minimum requirements for streaming videos?

    For an optimal viewing experience, ACP Decisions recommends that you use connections that are at least 5 MB per minute for standard video quality and 10-12 MB per minute for an optimal experience with HD videos.  The quality of the videos will adjust based on your connection.  If you have questions about your internet connection speed, SpeedTest by OOKLA may be a helpful tool.

    Is an internet connection required to sign in?

    All users need to be connected to the internet via WiFi or cellular data when logging in.  If a health care professional plans to be at a location without connectivity, we recommend signing in and downloading the necessary resources onto your iOS or Android device in advance.   

    Is an internet connection required to play a video or view a PDF?

    All users in the ACP Tools App have the option of downloading content they use most often.  Once downloaded, videos and documents do not require a network connection to play or open.  If your WiFi network cannot support the minimum streaming requirements listed above, please coordinate with your technology team.

    How much space is required for downloads?

    We recommend downloading only the content you need most, not every video in the library.  The ACP Decisions content library is growing constantly. Each minute of video requires about 15 MB of space to download.  A  two page PDF requires approximately .75MB.  

    How much space is required for the entire library?

    Our library is hundreds of videos and PDFs. These files fully downloaded will take up a significant amount of space on your device. We recommend that you download only those video and PDF files that you/your team will most commonly share with the patients and families that you serve.

    ACP Tools App for iOS and Android

    How do I get the ACP Tools App?

    You can download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

    If your organization has a business relationship with Apple your technology/security team may be able to distribute the ACP Tools iOS app via your organization's Mobile Device Management (MDM) service.

    What are the best practices for sharing a code via text?

    Be sure to check with your organization for any rules or guidelines regarding communicating with patients via text.  It is important to use HIPAA secure methods to share information with patients.

    Codes are urls (or a website's address) that are associated with videos and/or PDFs that can be watched by patients and families.  

    When sharing codes via text, use your organization's device text messaging application or an organizational approved external service such as Intrado, Doximity or Twilio.