Sharing Patient Codes via Email from a Computer

This article extrapolates on the content found in Options for Sharing Codes with Patients, with a focus on sharing codes via email from a computer.

Codes can be shared with patients in several ways. From the Order Confirmation page, clinicians can copy special URLs or Patient Instructions and email them to your patients. These special URLs and Patient Instructions help patients easily access their content.  

1. Click Copy Link or Copy Patient Instructions. This will copy special information for your patients to your clipboard.

Copy Link will copy a special link onto your clipboard that has your patient's code embedded into it. That means when your patient uses this link, they won't have to enter their code at all - instead they'll be taken straight to the agreement screen.

Copy Patient Instructions will copy instructions to your clipboard for your patient on how to access their content.  These instructions will include the patient code.

2. Open a new email in your inbox. If using Microsoft Outlook, click on the "New Email" icon.

3. Click anywhere inside the body of the email. You should see this symbol " |" blinking in the selected area.

4. Paste your content into the email. If using Microsoft Outlook, click on the  "Paste" icon.

Example: Using the Copy Link shortcut

Example: Using the Copy Patient Instructions shortcut

You can change the text in the email body however you'd like, for example adding a custom greeting, signature, or additional notes for your patient.

4. In the "To" field, enter in the patient's email address. In the "Subject" field, enter in an appropriate subject for the email.

5. Click "Send."