2020 Summary of Announcements

Happy New Year! Although we are excited to see what 2021 will bring, we wanted to take a few minutes and recap what we accomplished in 2020.

ACP Decisions Video Library Expanded

We had a busy 2020 and added over 70 videos and 70 patient guides to the ACP Decisions Video Library. We now have over 375 patient facing videos in over 20 languages.

We added content about COVID-19 and the influenza vaccine to the library. We also released content about immunotherapy, content for caregivers, and content geared for parents of young children.

Improvements to the My ACP Decisions Web App

We made the My ACP Decisions platform faster, better, and safer by upgrading to the newest version of PHP. 

We also added a Copy Patients Instructions feature that allows clinicians to copy patient code instructions to their clipboard with a single click.

Towards the tail end of last year we also added EHR Patient Instructions functionality that allows clinicians to prescribe ACP Decisions' content through the EPIC EHR.

ACP Tools Mobile App

We made some significant strides in the mobile space and made the ACP Tools iOS and Android mobile apps faster, more accessible, and easier to use.

Want to Learn More?

Here is a general overview of who we are and what we do as well.  We also have examples of opportunities where you can use our videos with patients and families.

Please also check out our blog which has concise and practical articles about all things advance care planning.

If you are interested in getting a quick sense of what our videos are like, please check out a few of them on the ACP Tools app in the Apple or Google Play stores.