Using the Reporting Screen (For Clinicians)

This article provides helpful tips and tricks on how to use the reporting screen.

This article is for Clinician Users. For Administrators, please visit here.

What is included in the Progress Report?

Note: Reports only show  completed viewings.  Completed viewings are videos watched to 80% or more. If you are looking for partial viewings as well as completed viewings, please click  download raw dataThe raw data CSV file includes all viewing information.

Each  Progress Report includes the total number of completed video viewings in a chosen time period by day, week, month, or year. It has several components:

  • Graph - Shows completed viewings over time.
  • All-Time Activity - Info on how many total completed viewings have occurred in the chosen time period.
  • Code and Ordering Usage - Info on how many patients have viewed content at home.
  • Clinician Platform Usage - Info on how clinicians are using My ACP Decisions on Web, iOS, and Android.
  • Top 10 Most Viewed Items - A sortable table showing the Top 10 performing items from the ACP Decisions video library.
  • Numbers of Codes Created - Info on how many patient codes you have created.
  • Totals by Days|Weeks|Months|Years - A table that can be sorted showing totals by the chosen time period.

How do I access the Progress Report?

Select the  Reporting Tab at the top of the screen.

How do I download raw data from the Progress Report?

Click the Download Raw Data link.  Doing this will generate a CSV file of the raw data for the chosen time period.  The CSV file will contain information about which media was viewed (e.g., name, language, time watched, etc.), the extent to which it was viewed (e.g., "Watched %"), and the clinician/team that the viewed content is associated with. 

How do I download a status report of code usage?

Click the Code Status Report link to generate a CSV file of all the codes and their status created by clinicians in your account. 

How do I download sections of the report?

Click on the  Download button at the top right corner of any section that you would like to download.

Click the  Download Image button on the top right of the graph in order to download a PNG image of it to your computer.

How do I generate a report for a given date range?

  1. Choose your desired start date and end date.
  2. Choose the resolution for your report (Days, Weeks, Months,Years).
  3. Click Refresh Report to apply your changes.

How do I quickly view the last 30|60|90 days of activity?

Selecting a quick option from the drop-down menu will set your start date and end date automatically for you.

Is there a report for content utilization?

Yes! We include a per-item breakdown of how each video or guide is being used in your account.

  1. Select the Reporting Tab.

  2. Scroll to the Top 10 Most Viewed Items.
  3. Click Show More on the top right of the table. A screen will appear showing a breakdown by video.

  4. All information from the history of your account will be displayed. You can also select a date range if desired.