June 2018: Release Notes

Happy July!

Hoping that you are having a great start to the month. Here is what we launched in June: We published 1 new video and updated 2 documents this month:

  • Updated: Patient Checklist in German & Mandarin
  • New: Caregiver Academy: When My Loved One is Confused (Delirium)

Caregiver Academy: When My Loved One is Confused (Delirium)

Confusion can be confusing — especially for caregivers who might be the first to witness it and who may already be experiencing high levels of distress.  When caregivers are better informed about confused thinking they may be able to play an important role in helping to manage it, which in turn, may also help reduce their anguish and anxiety.

What's New

My ACP Decisions

  • For project administrators, we've made adding clinicians more intuitive. The process will now ask you for the role of the user, followed by the network they belong to, then other fields determined by their role.
  • For project administrators, the user list now has a Date Added column so you can easily identify when team members were added to the system.
  • For project administrators, you can now sort user lists by name, role, and the date they were added.
  • New columns have been added to the raw data spreadsheet showing the code used to view the video, the order number, and the batch the order was part of.
  • Fixed an issue where you might see empty categories in the sidebar.
  • Resolved an issue where a password resets might fail for users that have had their role changed from clinician to administrator.
  • When downloading raw data reports, events will now be sorted from newest at the top to oldest at the bottom.
  • The error message for patients when entering an incorrect code is now more friendly and informative.