ACP Systems Integration Questionnaire

What is your overall vision for this integration?

We would love to learn more about your soup-to-nuts ideas for integrating the ACP Decisions video library into your workflows.

What intrigues you most about an integration?

We would love to work on a systems integration together. Integrations can take many forms, and we'd love to know more about your project and how our API might be able to help.

Have you tried our web application or standalone mobile apps?

Our stand-alone products meet many of our customers' needs, but they are also useful for brainstorming options to customize your workflows using our API. Each step a user can perform in our web and mobile apps is available via the API.

What system(s) do you plan on integrating My ACP Decisions with?

Some systems are easier to integrate with than others. Knowing which specific systems you would like to integrate with allows us to tailor documentation and develop examples accordingly.

Could you describe your use case for using our API?

Having a specific workflow in mind makes it easy to identify how multiple systems will fit together.

Do you have any security concerns?

We take security very seriously and want to make sure this integration aligns with your security policies and protocols.

Do you have a standard process for systems integrations at your organization?

There may already be workflows and expertise in place at your organization for a project like this. We're happy to coordinate the technical details with your technical team. 

Have you integrated with other content providers before? If so, could you elaborate on what that partnership looked like?

We would love to learn how you've approached integrations like this with similar partners in the past. There may people in your organization or existing infrastructure that could greatly benefit the integration process.

Who will be your technical point of contact for this project?

Having a centralized point of contact for technical questions streamlines the overall integration process. 

Do you have a budget in mind for this integration?

Some systems integrations may be minimal and only take advantage of a few features. Most integrations are resource intensive and require lots of technical coordination.

Are you familiar with or do you have a technical resource who is familiar with REST APIs?

In order for a project like this to succeed, you must have adequate resources familiar with REST APIs. The My ACP Decisions API uses a REST design pattern via HTTPS. It accepts requests and provides responses in JSON format.