Differences in Mobile Apps (iOS vs. Android)


This article explains some key differences between the ACP Tools App for iOS and Android.

iOS vs. Android Conventions

Google and Apple both build great operating systems but there are some differences in how tasks like video playback, downloading, and notifications work on each platform. We did our best to deliver a consistent experience between iOS and Android while respecting these platform conventions.

What We Support


We support iOS devices running iOS 15.0 but recommend iO% 16.0 for the best experience. Apple also provides tools that make it easy to support given a limited set of screen sizes and devices (e.g. iPhone, iPhone Pro, iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air, etc.). 


There are over 24,000+ different makes and models for Android devices. These have a wide range of screen sizes all running different versions of Android. At ACP Decisions, we focused heavily on the most common screen sizes (5-7 inch screens for phones and 7-12 inch screens for tablets) and Android versions (4.4 inches and above) that could adequately support our video playback requirements. Due to this wide range of options, we cannot guarantee a consistent experience between each device manufacturer. Instead, we recommend sticking with the most popular name brands (Google, Samsung, ASUS) for the best possible experience.

Choosing the right device can be tricky. If you have questions about purchasing a device to support the ACP Tools App, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@acpdecisions.org.

Inventory of Features

Icons and Meanings

  • ✅ the feature supported.
  • 🚫 the feature is not supported.
  • ⚠️ the feature is supported with significant limitations.
Feature iOS Android
Featured Resources Screen
Library Screen for Browsing Content
View PDFs
Stream Videos
Create Orders and Share Codes with Patients
Patients Can Redeem Codes to View Content
Search Library with Text (e.g. typing "Goals of Care")
Search Library with Clinical Terms (e.g. typing "ESRD" for Dialysis Content) 🚫
Detects when the App is Offline
Downloads Videos and Documents for Offline Use
Shows Downloads Only Screen when Offline
Notification When Download(s) Are Complete In The Background
Printing Functionality ⚠️

Downloading Differences

Starting Downloads on iOS and Android

Downloading on both iOS and Android is initiated when showing a collection of content (e.g. Goals of Care; General Overview). This functionality works the same way on both platforms. Tapping the "Cloud with an Downward Arrow" icon will download a video after a short period and be replaced with a small device icon with a checkmark to indicate the file is now on the device.

iOS Downloading

On iOS, this activity manifests as the dedicated downloads tab. When going offline, the iOS experience hides everything else and shows any download content on a single consolidated screen. 

This downloads screen on iOS collects all downloaded files in one place. When offline, all other tabs are hidden except for downloads.

Android Downloading

Android devices have a download manager provided by the operating system. When downloading a video, swiping down on the Android notification center reveals the progress of this and other downloads.

When offline, the Downloads tab will appear on Android displaying content that can be accessed while the device is not connected to wifi or to a cellular plan.

Printing Support


Apple provides a technology called AirPrint which works with most WiFi enabled printers with minimal setup.


Android printing support will vary per vendor and per device. We support Samsung's Print Service Plugin and Google's CloudPrint technologies. Outside of these two areas, we cannot guarantee printing support for Android.