ACP Tools for IT & Security Teams

This article answers common questions from IT and security teams about the ACP Tools App for iOS and Android.

ACP Tools Mobile App for iOS and Android

The ACP Tools Mobile App makes it easy to use the ACP Content Library on iOS and Android devices:

  • Browse the library in an intuitive way
  • Share content with patients using codes
  • Advanced search by category, language, or clinical term (e.g. Searching"ESRD" finds dialysis-related content)
  • Track patient utilization within the app
  • Work offline with downloaded content

Installing ACP Tools on a Device

Supported Devices for iOS

ACP Tools will work on any Apple device that supports iOS 15.0 and above. iOS 16.0 is recommended to take advantage of all features and is recommended for the best possible experience.

Supported Devices for Android

ACP Tools will work on any Android device that supports Android 12.0 and above. Screen Sizes of 7" or more are recommended.

Security Considerations

Does the App store or transmit any private healthcare data?

No private healthcare information is stored or transmitted to or from the device at any time.

How do patients view content using the App?

Clinicians can issue alphanumeric codes for patients to watch content using the app. Entering this code on the home screen of the app unlocks the shared content. At no point during this process do we ask for or store identifiable information.

How do clinicians sign in to ACP Tools on iOS or Android?

Groups of clinicians are provided a shared login for access (e.g. " greenstreethospice") along with a password. Clinicians can also be provided access that is associated with their individual email address.

Legal Considerations

Does a patient need to provide consent each time a resource is viewed?

Yes, in two different contexts:

  • When a patient enters a code, a consent form will appear. This must be agreed to by the patient before viewing any shared videos or documents.
  • If a clinician is showing a video without issuing a code, each time a resource is viewed by a clinician, a consent form will appear. This must be agreed to by the patient before directly viewing the video or PDF.

Network and Bandwidth Considerations

Is an internet connection required to sign in?

All users need to be connected to the internet via WiFi or cellular data when signing in.  If a clinician plans to be at a location without connectivity, we recommend signing in and downloading the necessary resources in advance. 

Is an internet connection required to play a video or view a PDF?

All users in the ACP Tools App have the option of downloading content they use most often.  Downloaded resources do not require a network connection to access.  If your WiFi network has issues supporting the minimum bandwidth requirements of streaming ACP Decisions videos, please coordinate with your technology team accordingly.

How much space is required for downloads?

We recommend downloading only the content you need most.  The ACP Decisions content library is growing constantly, with new videos and PDFs added all of the time. Each minute of video requires about 15 MB of space to download.  A two page PDF requires approximately .75MB.  

The ACP Tools App includes a screen for managing downloads. This download management screen can be used to quickly view downloaded content or remove downloaded content from the device to free up space.