My ACP Decisions Setup for IT Teams

Note: This article provides best practices for integrating the My ACP Decisions web app with desktop workstations and is written with a technical audience in mind.


My ACP Decisions provides access to over 500 videos and handouts, covering a wide range of concepts in multiple languages.

Many clinician users focus their care on a small subset of these videos. We support a number of convenient features to speed up access to the content they need most.

Bookmarking Popular Categories

When a clinician logs in to My ACP Decisions, they are greeted by a screen showing the content library. The sidebar on the left provides filters based on category, disease, clinical setting, etc.

Some organizations choose to bookmark categories within the app to save clinicians with the steps outlined above. For example, if your team consistently needs content in the CPR category, we recommend directly bookmarking the URL associated with the CPR selection in the sidebar.

Keeping Users Signed In

My ACP Decisions will keep users signed in for 72 hours by default. If you have disabled cookies or have special settings on your workstations that limit session duration, your experience may vary.

If your security policy supports it, consider saving the username and password for shared logins on each workstation.