February 2022 Release Notes

In February, security updates and bug fixes were completed in the iOS mobile app. A new release is underway and coming your way March 2022! The Android mobile app was updated in the backend to support overall performance. A new release is underway.

ACP Decisions’ technology infrastructure upgrades and work continue.

Here's more information on what we've been up to:  

The Latest Technology Platform Fixes & Enhancements

👷🏼🔨Ongoing Infrastructure Update🔨👷🏼

Since the Fall of 2021, ACP Decisions’ technology has been focused on all-around upgrade beginning with our infrastructure. Now through 2022 is an exciting period of growth to advance the technology in several areas including but not limited to new capabilities, HIPAA readiness, EHR integration, and security. New updates are scheduled to be released starting March 2022. Your feedback is essential to the upcoming roadmap and release schedule. 

Any Questions or Feedback?

Please reach out to our wonderful partner success manager, Shira Gabry-Kalikow MPH, MSW at shira@acpdecions.org to provide feedback or get assistance using the platform.