What's New in Version 2.0

 What's New

We have tons of exciting new features in the new My ACP Decisions platform:

  • Improved Content and Ordering Experience
  • Batch Ordering
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • Individual and Shared Logins
  • Networks to Organize Your Project
  • Patient Surveys

Improved Content and Ordering Experience

We've added a language filter to the content library screen to simplify the ever growing list of supported languages.

Features for Clinicians

Batch Ordering

Clinicians can now easily create more than one order at a time.

Enhanced Reporting

We've upgraded reporting for Clinicians and Administrators. You can now plot your progress over time and download your report as a CSV file.

Features for Administrators

Individual and Shared Clinician Users

You can now create accounts for clinicians on an individual or shared basis. Individual clinician accounts are linked to a single email address and password, while shared accounts are designed for multiple people to use a simple username and password.

Create Networks to Organize a Project

We've introduced Networks as a way to organize your users. For example, if you wanted to represent multiple hospitals by creating Networks.

Patient Surveys

Administrators can enable patient surveys for each of their networks. Survey questions will appear after a patient views the content shared with a code.