October & November 2017: Release Notes

Happy December!

Happy Holidays! We are hoping that you are having a great month. Here is what we launched in October and November.

New Content Updates

Advance Directives Handout

When viewing the Advanced Directives video, you'll see an extra option to open a new handout.

New Patient Guides

We released 7 new guides for patients. These materials are available through the My ACP Decisions platform. 

  • Goals of Care: A Guide to End-of-Life Choices
  • A Guide to CPR
  • A Guide to Hospice
  • A Guide to Making Decisions Involving Extremely Premature Infants
  • A Guide to Palliative Care
  • A Guide to Feeding Tubes
  • A Guide to Dialysis for People 75 & Older

ACP for Health Adults Chapters

We released ACP for Healthy Adults (Extended) as separate chapters. The approximately 27-minute video is now also available as 9 individual videos.

iOS Update for ACP Tools

We released a significant iOS update in October that added the ability to search by for your codes and recreate past orders.

A minor update with bug and performance fixes was also released in November.

Search by Code

On iOS devices,  you  can  search for previously issued redemption codes. We plan on supporting this feature at a later date on Android devices.

Recreate Past Orders

On iOS devices, you can save time  by  recreating  existing orders. We plan on supporting this feature at a later date on Android devices.

How do I get the App?

Download the ACP Tools App on the GooglePlay Store or the Apple App Store!