Using Guided Access with ACP Tools on iOS Devices


This article provides a basic overview of Guided Access and how it relates to the ACP Tools App for iOS Devices, an accessibility feature from Apple that locks the device into a single app. This article does not apply to ACP Tools for Android devices.

What is Guided Access?

Guided Access limits your device to a single app and lets you control which app features are available. Please see Apple's  documentation for a comprehensive overview and information on how to setup guided access for your devices. 

When should I consider using Guided Access with ACP Tools?

You might want to limit access to only the ACP Tools app if you need to hand the device to a patient or their loved one. If the device is used for sensitive workflows like accessing medical records, you don't want the patient or loved one being able to switch into other apps that might be on the device. Guided access allows you to lock the user into one experience which helps the patient stay focused while protecting sensitive information from being exposed.

What is Single App Mode?

Single App User mode is a form of guided access controlled by your IT Team. Devices can be locked into a single App to guarantee that no information in other apps is exposed. This works like a kiosk, where the screen is locked into one experience such as the ACP Tools App.

What is the difference between Guided Access and Single App Mode?

The primary difference between Guided Access and Single App User Mode is who controls the device and the level of customization.

With Guided Access, the clinician would be in charge of locking down the device temporarily. With Single App Mode, your IT department configures the device to only use a single app and may even lock down additional features like the volume keys, the lock screen, speech, motion, and other touch functions.

Is the ACP Tools App setup to work with Guided Access and Single App Mode?

Yes! All that is required to configure Guided Access is following the steps outlined in Apple's  documentation. Single App Mode requires some coordination with your IT department and access to an MDM service. Please see our article for Managing iOS Devices with ACP Tools for more information.