May 2017: Release Notes

Happy June!

Hoping that you are having a great start to the month. Here is what we launched in May.

New Video!

CPR: A Closer Look for People with a Serious Illness

We released a new video for those people desiring more in-depth information about CPR.  This video also introduces easy-to-understand graphics and art work to illustrate concepts such as risks and benefits.

iOS Update for ACP Tools

Based on your feedback, the "current order" row has been emphasized for better readability.

Android Update for ACP Tools

We squashed a few bugs on Android. Download the latest version today with the link below!

Google Pixel C with Downloads Tab

Update to iOS 10 or Android 6.0+ for the best possible experience.

How do I get the App?

Download the ACP Tools App on the GooglePlay Store or the Apple App Store!