Creating Patient Redemption Codes on Mobile Devices

Can Patients and their Loved Ones Watch Video Content at Home?

Yes! Patients and their families can watch video content at home using a short alpha-numeric code.  This code can be created and shared without collecting any protected health information (PHI). This makes the viewing experience simple and without complicated usernames or passwords.

How do I create Patient Redemption Codes for Patients and their Loved Ones?

Locate the video that you would like to prescribe and tap on the Rx icon. This adds the video or document to your current order.

If the icon is red, it is currently part of your current order. Tap Done if you are done prescribing content from this list. Repeat this process for as many videos as necessary.

When you have finished prescribing videos, tap on the Orders icon at the bottom of the screen.

The screen that appears will show your current order and past orders. You can add additional resources by tapping on Add More Content and repeating the process outlined above. Tap the green Share with Patient button to confirm your choices and generate a code.

Printing a Code

When an order is confirmed, tap  Print if you need to print directions. You can always print directions later using the order details screen that is described below.  

Viewing Utilization

To learn more about video utilization, tap on the order of interest in the list of past orders. In this example, we chose order number 21020170413759 from the sidebar. On the Order Details screen, you will see what video content has been watched (or not), the codes associated with the order, and a timeline of activity to see exactly when activity.