January 2017: Release Notes

Happy February!

We hope that you had a great start to 2017! Here is what we launched in January.

New Video Content

We released 15 new videos in Mandarin:

  • Goals of Care: General Overview
  • Goals of Care: Advanced Heart Failure
  • Goals of Care: Advanced Cancer
  • Goals of Care: Advanced Lung Disease
  • Goals of Care: Advanced Disease
  • CPR: General Overview
  • CPR: Advanced Heart Failure
  • CPR: Advanced Cancer
  • CPR: Advanced Disease
  • Hospice: An Introduction
  • Hospice: Advanced Cancer
  • Talking to Your Doctor
  • Advance Directives 
  • What is Palliative Care?

New ACP Tools Mobile App for iOS and Android!

The ACP Tools Mobile App makes it easy to use the ACP Content Library on iOS and Android devices:

  • Browse the library in an intuitive way
  • Share content with patients using codes
  • Advanced search by category, language, or clinical term (e.g. Searching"ESRD" finds videos for Dialysis)
  • Track patient utilization within the app
  • Work offline 

Enhancements to the Web App

Customize Content per Group

Need a group to focus on particular content? We've got you covered. Each group can now have a custom set of content featured and assigned to it. Network Admins can also hide content completely if needed.  Learn More Here