December 2016: Release Notes

Happy Holidays! 

We hope that you and yours enjoyed the last few weeks of 2016! Here is what we launched in December.

New Video Content

We released a new video that clinicians can share with parents of extremely premature infants. 

Supporting Decisions Involving Extremely Premature Infants is available in the NICU section of our video library.

We also released a new CPR video!

CPR: Advanced Lung Disease is available in the CPR and Lung Disease sections of the library.

Improved Progress Reports 📈

We've added new metrics and refined the look and feel of the Progress Report. It now distinguishes between viewings from group logins vs. viewings from patient codes.  It also provides tooltips that describe how each metric is defined.

Redesigned Patient Experience 🏡

We've greatly improved the viewing experience for patients using codes to view content.

Prepared for New Mobile Apps

Over the past few months, we spent time and resources into getting our web app (My ACP Decisions) and its mobile companions ready for two exciting new mobile releases for iOS and Android. With a heavy focus on usability and offline functionality, we're confident it will be a great new year. 🎉

Each app will be released through their public App Stores in Q1 2017.

Bookmark Your Favorite Categories

You can now bookmark selected categories from the sidebar. We added this to fulfill two needs:

  • We want to save you time! Are you using our Advance Directives videos more than other categories? Select it and add a bookmark in your browser!
  • Are you using a computer that is been provided and controlled by your organization? IT teams can setup workstations to always link to a specific video category and with automatic login!
  • Keep Me Signed In Improvements ✅

We've increased the time a group login can stay signed in on popular web browsers to 48 hours (e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari).

Note: Your ability to stay signed in relies on a technology called cookies. So while we have made changes on our end, your institution may have independently disabled this feature, shortening it to less than hour. In these cases, the Keep Me Signed in checkbox on the login screen will not work.