September 2016: Release Notes

Happy Fall!

The ACP Decisions team was busy this summer. Thanks to your great feedback we've introduced tons of great improvements to My ACP Decisions. Here is a quick recap of improvements this month: 

Redemption Codes

Share Codes with Patients and Family Members

You can now give your patients (and their family members) an alpha-numeric code that they can use at home to watch video content that you have prescribed for them. No protected health information is required to create these redemption codes. The process takes less than a minute!

Utilization Tracking for Redemption Codes

The My ACP Decisions platform tracks video utilization in real time for each patient redemption code that is issued. You can see if and when your patients (or their family members) logged into the platform, and watched video content that was prescribed for them.

Find Content Quickly

We've reorganized the content library to make it easier for you to quickly share and prescribe content. Content is now be grouped into logical collections so that you can quickly locate what you need. Categories have moved to a sidebar and are grouped by Featured, Diseases, Clinical Settings, and Other.

Better Search

Our search functionality as been improved to filter content as you type instead of requiring you to click the search button.

Featured Content

The content you need most is now just a click a way. Clinicians see featured and popular content as their first screen when logging in.

New Video Player

We've upgraded our video player for a better playback and captioning experience.

Confirmation Screens when Videos End

When videos play to completion, a screen asks if you're done and if you would like to watch again.

Network Administrator Features

Expired Passwords for Group Logins

Under Group Logins > Manage Group Logins you'll now have better visibility to when group logins expire and a link to quickly reset passwords if needed.

Configure Featured Resources

Under Resources → Configure Featured Resources you can select up to four resources that you would like to promote to the clinicians in your network.