Introduction to the ACP Decisions Video Library

What does the ACP Decisions Video Library Consist Of? 

The ACP Decisions Video Library consists of nearly 200 different videos in 17 different languages.  The library is broken down into different categories at

Some categories relate to medical interventions, such as CPR or feeding tubes. Other categories relate to different patient populations such as patients with advanced cancer, advanced disease, renal disease, heart failure, dementia, or lung disease.  There is also a category of videos, under the Healthy Adults icon, that are for patients who are relatively healthy. 

In the library, some categories reflect video content that was created with particular clinical settings in mind -- such as the Intensive Care Unit or Skilled Nursing Facilities

And, there are additional categories that relate to video content about Palliative Care and Hospice Care 

At the bottom of the Videos page, you can click on one of the flag icons to see which videos are available in that language.

Learn More with this Background Video