Introduction to the User Guide

What Does the User Guide Do? 

The User Guide provides a quick way where you can learn more about the nuts and bolts of the My ACP Decisions platform. It has information about different topics for healthcare professionals who are involved in direct patient care and administrators who handle oversight and project management.

There are several Getting Started articles that provide an overview and introduction to key concepts, the setup process, and best practices.  In the Getting Started category, you can learn more about resetting your password, using the reporting screen, as well as other topics.

The Clinicians category contains information on how clinicians can use the platform to work with patients, including how to prescribe content to patients.

The Administrators category provides information for project managers about resetting passwords, enabling patient surveys, and other topics.

There are also other sections with information to help with Troubleshooting, Product Announcements, and an Enterprise & Integrations section.

The user guide looks like this:

How do I access the User Guide?

  1. Go to
  2. Click the User Guide link at the bottom of the page.